Summer Camp




July 2nd to August 31th ( weeks)

Training Schedule

Morning 9:00~11:30am / Afternoon 2:00~5:00pm (Mon to Fri)

Training Fee

600 USD / per week 
2,000 USD / 
per month 

※ Half Price for half day program

Our Strength

-          Effective training program for tennis improvement
-          English speaking only during the training with foreign coaches
-          Experience of new culture and environment
-          Opportunities to train with foreign players
-          Opportunities to learn second languages (English, Chinese)

-              Safe environment
-          Reasonable cost of living
-          Good transportation system (Bus, Taxi, Train, High Speed Rail)
-       Located in convenience area with the restaurants with reasonable price (Western food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Korea food)
-          Pick up & Drop off services from airport / academy

“If you have any other questions , please feel free to contact us for more information.”

TEL :  +886-4-2299-0888